let's hear it for America's Suitehearts

headphones are required for the full effect!

the song starts in the right ear, then later in the left ear creating a layered effect.

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I want to know why

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If ur pets dont like him he aint da one

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if u dont think i’d do some fucked up shit for concert tickets then u are dead wrong 

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me and bae

I love this.

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when i say i’m an introvert i don’t mean that i’m ‘just a poetic soul so romantically alone woe is me’ i mean that i actually hate people and i hate myself for hating people

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'the next song is a song called guns for hands and it's probably the hardest one  for me to talk about, lyrically, um, cause it has a lot to do with some pretty heavy issues. It's a happy sounding song, i like writing happy sounding songs, but then hopefully trying to say something that's worth more than just a happy moment, and at this particular time in my life i had encountered a lot of people who where going through tough times whether it be suicidal thoughts or depression. I always try to preface with saying i'm not a professional in this field where i-i don't know exactly what i'm aloud to say or what i should say or what's the most healthy thing to say, i can just speak from what I've experienced and what I've seen and what I've gone through'  

-Tyler talking about Guns For Hands (x)

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  • Me: This older generation pisses me off so much
  • Therapist: Why?
  • Me: Because when I was growing up, we were forcefed the idea that if we didn't want to be 'flipping burgers at McDonalds,' then we'd better go to college.
  • Therapist: And?
  • Me: And now we've all gone to college, have degrees, can't get a damn job, and the same people that told us to go to college call us entitled assholes because we refuse to flip burgers
  • Therapist: Touche
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I would have gotten more if he had stayed asleep

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Robbers - Layered | The 1975

Use headphones!!

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The Draw - Bastille

First, the song starts in the left ear. Then, it starts again in the right ear a few seconds later, creating a layered effect.

Thank you a-tlanticx for the request!

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  and isn't this,
exactly where you'd like me?

the track starts in the right ear, then plays in the left ear creating a layered effect

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